Ecumenical Youth Group

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Welcome to the Frontpage

The Ecumenical Youth Group (EYG) of Delaware is comprised of senior high youth of Delaware County.  The group, founded in 1972, is governed by the Ecumenical Youth Council, Inc. (EYC), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  Thousands of local youth have been enriched and in return have enriched our community through their involvement in the Ecumenical Youth Group.

We meet every Sunday evening throughout the school year.  Our meetings are open and all senior high youth are invited to join us.  Throughout the year we participate in discussions, recreation, retreats, service projects and fundraisers.  Please see our calendar for more specific activities.  

Our discussions are open and frank.  They are meant to inspire thought, help students learn to articulate their own thoughts, and learn respect for other peoples' ideas.  

Recreation helps build support and friendships.  Activities can be anything from watching a movie together, going to a haunted forest for Halloween, ice skating, or grabbing a cup of coffee at the Mean Bean. 

Retreats provide opportunities for us to spend more time exploring a single topic while building relationships and having fun.  We have 2-3 retreats during the year.  Each fall we choose a different topic and spend the weekend exploring this topic.  Each spring our retreat topic is spirituality.  As an Ecumenical group, we do not promote any one faith.  We provide information on many faiths and encourage the students to explore and define their own spirituality.

Service projects serve the Delaware community.  We have worked with free stores, food banks and housing projects.  We have picked up trash and helped elderly or ill members of the community with home projects.  All the work is volunteer and the students gain a great deal from their service experiences.

Our fundraisers fund our annual workcamp.  Every June we go to another community to help people in need of our assistance.  We choose a community either within Ohio or in a neighboring state and do construction projects for people in need.  We re-roof houses, build wheelchair ramps, put in new windows, build stairs, or anything that needs to be done.  The students volunteer their time and are unbelievably committed to their projects.  They take a great deal of pride in the work that they do and really become a part of the host community for the week.  It is amazing for the communities we visit, because we invariably move mountains in one short week and make personal connections with the people we are helping.  And it is amazing for our group of students as it builds in them pride, a stronger sense of community and connectedness, and a real understanding of compassion.  It is a life-changing experience for us and the communities we visit.

For many, their high school experience is a time of struggling to fit in, feeling excluded, confused about the world and what to do to change it.  This is exactly what EYG is about; inclusion, self expression and empowerment.